A WAY OUT (2013-05-05) (Short) (20 min.) (English) (IMDb)
Simon's worst nightmare becomes a reality when he makes wrong decision after breaking up with his girlfriend in the middle of the night, and faces challenges that one could not bare to imagine.

“A Way Out” opens with an awkward sex scene between Simon and Vera, where Vera leaves without saying a word right after Simon climaxes. After this, we see Simon leaving Vera’s apartment in the middle of the night. In his thoughts, he comes back to Vera’s apartment and re-experiences a fight they just went through, where he blames Vera to have cheated on him. Vera admits it without guilt. Back to reality. Simon catches a cab and, not knowing where to go, picks the address from a random advertisement brochure and spaces out deep into his thoughts. Sometime later Simon wakes up in the cab disoriented. He wants to come back home, but the taxi-driver convinces him to get some food at the diner from the brochure. At the diner Simon is the only customer. Smithy, a creepy waiter, takes his order. After tasting his drink Simon loses consciousness. The last image he sees is the blue and green eyes of the chef (Karl), staring at him through the kitchen window.  When Simon opens his eyes he discovers that he is trapped in a basement. Smithy and Karl enter the basement and start torturing him. Simon learns that Smithy is a maniac under the influence of Karl, both of them seem to be enjoying the process of tormenting people, but the ideas always come from Karl. Every time Smithy and Karl leave him alone, Simon attempts to escape. Finally he manages to free one of his hands, when the taxi-driver sneaks into the room. Simon begs for help, but the taxi-driver appears to be a member of this crazy gang. Simon loses his mind. Karl appears at the basement and knocks out Simon. When Simon opens his eyes he is lying on the floor, free, but can barely move. Smithy tells him that his is scared of Karl too and asks Simon for help. There is a small window in the room, which Simon can use as a way out and then bring help. When Smithy leaves, Simon manages to get up and breaks the window, which appears to be another trap in a sick mind game that maniacs are playing on him. Smithy and Karl come back at this moment and start torturing him again.  Simon wakes up in the middle of the empty diner. He checks his body. Everything is all right. Karl and Smithy explain to him that he fell asleep. Without saying goodbye, Simon runs out of the diner, clamping on one of his legs. It is an early morning, Simon walks home. The street looks and sounds surreal. From time to time Simon sees faces of Karl and Smithy. Finally Simon reaches his place. When he opens the door to Vera’s bedroom instead of Vera he sees faces of Smithy and Karl. Simon is back to the basement where he is slowly dying.  Karl orders Smithy to clean the place, preparing to meet a new victim. 

Director's Statement:
A lot of people find it very difficult to handle violence in any form. But, it is just as seductive for many others to be involved with it. That is one of the obvious reasons why violent movies have been so successful. They are able to give the audience a whole spectrum of emotions, ranging from fear or satisfaction. “A Way Out” is a challenge for me, both as a human being and as a director. The purpose of my film is not to say that every single rash or impulsive act always ends tragically or that violence has to be excluded... No. What I am trying to say is there are many moments when we find ourselves in a situation where we lose the ability or desire to contain our anger.  And the only way out we can see is the beginning of our small wars.  It is “a way out”. But, what if, after we have destroyed something that seemed not to be important any longer, the loss ends up being way more then we expected? Pathetic, isn’t it? The point of this story is simple: there is no definition of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person, relationships or decisions. But there is always a place which is much worst and horrible… Fortunately, some stories have happy endings. This one just ends…   Anna Skrypka

SIMON Michael Robert Young (IMDb)
VERA Lisa Nargi (IMDb)
SMITHY Jayson Simba (IMDb)
KARL Walter Michael De Forest (IMDb)
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor Anna Skrypka (IMDb)
Producer, 1st Assistant Director Charles Ancelle (IMDb)
Producer Laki Latinka Igrutinovic (IMDb)
Associate Producer Devin Reeve (IMDb)
Cinematographer Don Gerardo Frasco (IMDb)
Production Designer Rocio Gimenez (IMDb)
Set Designer Lisa Zi Xiang (IMDb)
Make-Up/SPFX Lauren Citera (IMDb)
Sound Recordist/Boom Operator Emmanuel Germond (IMDb)
Editor Henry Tobin (IMDb)
Production Manager Sussan Cordero (IMDb)
Steadicam Operator Yousheng Tang (IMDb)
1st Assistant Camera Sasil Echeverria Diaz (IMDb)
Best Boy Electric Neil Casey (IMDb)
Key Grip Matt Garland (IMDb)
Gaffer Albert J. Phaneuf (IMDb)
Best Boy Grip Deanna Covello (IMDb)
2nd Assistant Camera Kirsten Anderson (IMDb)
2nd Assistant Camera Nicole Libassi (IMDb)
Production Assistant Brian Joseph (IMDb)
Production Assistant Nakia Brown (IMDb)
Constantine’s life goes upside-down when his Internet girlfriend shows up at his door with an unexpected proposition. So the questions is how bad can one’s unexpected date go and where will it end...